A little bit of the paradisiacal beaches that surround us.

Praia do Outeiro

Within a five-minute walk from the Pousada, Praia do Outeiro (Outeiro Beach) reveals its exuberant scenario. Exclusive, with white sands and calm and crystal clear sea, it is ideal for long walks, easygoing sports with family and boat tours.

Praia do Espelho

Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach) is within a 600 meters distance from Pousada do Outeiro. Its blue water makes natural pools and the gigantic white and red cliffs true paintings. On nights of full moon, a silver sea forms, hence the name, guaranteeing a spectacle like no other.

Praia dos Amores

When the sea goes down, it’s time to discover Praia dos Amores (Loves Beach). Located just 300 meters near from Pousada Outeiro, this place enchants with its beauty. The warm and clear water invites you to swim, while the cliffs, the golden sand and the blue sky form the perfect view.


By car or transfer, you arrive in Trancoso, located 23 km from Pousada Outeiro. In addition to several natural beauties, you will come across historic buildings (the seaside town has existed since 1586 and is considered one of the oldest Jesuit villages in the world), fancy shops, bars and restaurants. Trancoso’s postcard is the famous Quadrado, a colorful central square surrounded by these establishments.


Caraíva is a village where you can arrive by boat or on foot; Across the river cars are not allowed. The small town, which is 22km from the Pousada, does not have asphalt and direct contact with nature is essential. Discover the beauty of the Caraíva River with the Atlantic and get ready to dance forró, a local music and dance genre, and eat very well in the few restaurants that you can find there.

Going up the Rio Caraíva, you find a genuine indigenous village, a walk that can be hired there. If the tide allows, descents of the river by float are organized which are a lot of fun for the kids.