Our place in the world

In a global scenario in constant transformation, the search for more responsible and sustainable practices has become imperative. In particular, the tourism industry plays a crucial role in preserving the environment, and our Pousada is firmly committed to promoting sustainable tourism.

Environmental Preservation: Preservation of the environment is the central pillar of our philosophy. The privileged location of our inn amidst lush nature is not just a privilege, but a responsibility that we embrace with dedication. We implement sustainable practices in all areas, from waste management to the conservation of local biodiversity.

Waste Management: We invest in efficient waste management systems, encouraging recycling and reducing waste. By minimizing our carbon footprint, we contribute to the preservation of surrounding ecosystems.

Biodiversity Conservation: We actively collaborate with local organizations to protect the region’s unique fauna and flora. Our guests have the opportunity to not only enjoy natural beauty, but also contribute to its preservation through awareness and education programs.

Community Involvement: Sustainable tourism is not just about environmental preservation, but also about respecting and promoting local communities. Our inn is committed to creating lasting positive impacts on the lives of those around us.

Local Empowerment: We prioritize hiring local labor and purchasing regional products. This approach not only stimulates the local economy, but also strengthens the ties between our inn and the community.

Education and Awareness: We organize educational activities for our guests, highlighting the importance of environmental preservation and supporting local communities. This awareness is essential to create more responsible and informed tourists.

Benefits for Guests: Providing a sustainable tourism experience is not only an ethical responsibility, but also a way to provide our guests with a more meaningful and enriching stay.

Connection with Nature: By adopting sustainable practices, we provide our guests with a more authentic and close-to-nature experience. They have the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and the environment around them.

Contribution to the Community: By choosing our Inn, guests become part of a larger movement towards sustainable tourism. They directly contribute to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of local communities.

Our guesthouse is not just a vacation destination, but a living commitment to sustainability. By integrating responsible environmental practices and promoting community involvement, we seek to inspire not only our guests, but also the tourism industry as a whole to embrace a more sustainable and conscious future. Sustainable tourism is more than a choice; it’s the way we build a lasting legacy for future generations.

• All towels and bed linen are washed with 100% biodegradable products, leaving no residue, generating less environmental impact. We also adopted the 3-day rule for changing bed linen and towels in apartments, reducing the cost of water and cleaning products.

• We removed all amenities from the rooms, which generated a huge amount of plastic waste, and replaced them with dispensers fixed to the bathroom walls, with shampoo, liquid soap, conditioner and 70% alcohol gel.

• We built a large solar energy plant, which supplies the entire Pousada.

• We separate organic waste and compost it at the Pousada itself.

• We digitize practically all means of communication with our guests.

We are part of [@SeloXis], created by [@CircuitoElegante] de Hotelaria, which translates into multiplying innovation and sustainability, connecting people and companies in favor of the environment, driving innovative and sustainable actions.

An initiative that not only fills us with pride but also generates several exchanges between the participating Hotels;

And so, little by little, we transform and take care of “our place in the world”.