Check-In Online

Agreement of implication of the risks of contagion of Covid-19. By this document, I identified above and undersigned are aware and agree that I assume any responsibility for possible contagion by the Covid-19 virus, which may occur in as a result of my stay at the establishment: POUSADA OUTEIRO. In this way, completely exempting from liability for compensation for any type of damage to person or property and: 1- I am aware of the possible risks that may occur due to the fragility of health as a result of this pandemic; 2- As a guest (or legal guardian), I undertake to respect the rules and conduct contained in the protocols and procedures adopted by the establishment for my safety and that of other people who are in the place during my stay; 3- I assume any and all consequences of my actions (or the actions of the minor under my guardianship) during my stay; 4- I undertake to carefully follow the guidelines of the teams and protocols determined by the establishment, thus increasing my safety and that of other guests throughout the stay; 5- I, by myself, my heirs, legal representatives and close relatives (or minor participants), exempt and release the establishment, its employees and agents, under any bond, suppliers, and also Circuito Elegante, from any legal liability , being responsible for any and all material or moral damages caused by me to third parties; 6- I certify and assure that I am in excellent physical and psychological conditions, being perfectly responsible for my actions; 7- The establishment has the right to postpone, cancel or modify the accommodation reservation, before or during, without prior notice, either for security reasons or governmental and/or legal impositions; 8- I freely acknowledge and assume all known or unknown risks and understand that, given the current pandemic situation, I assume full responsibility for my stay and/or my legal guardian; 9- I recognize that the establishment, when having the Safe & Clean SEAL granted by the Elegante Circuit, has in its practices the protocols that aim to minimize the proliferation of Covid-19 within its facilities, but they do not guarantee that such a situation is impossible to occur. AFTER HAVING READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS LIABILITY AGREEMENT AND IMPLIED RISK AGREEMENT AND HAVING UNDERSTOOD ITS TERMS, I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM GIVING UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS, I ACCEPT AND AGREE TO ITS TERMS BY SIGNING BELOW, WHICH I DO FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY, WITHOUT ANY COERTION, ON THIS DATE. IN ADDITION, I AM AWARE with regard to Using the Pousada's swimming pool that children must always be accompanied by a responsible person. And since the Inn is in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, an environmental preservation area (APA) it is occasionally possible to find small wild animals on its premises.